Become an Exhibitor

The 2020 AL/MS Water Joint Annual Conference will offer an expanded exhibit space.

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Each booth is provided with one table, two chairs, and a trash can. Exhibitor packets containing information on additional tables, chairs, power, hanging objects from the ceiling, carpet, etc. will be provided soon.

Exhibitors should review the attached map and choose your three top booth location numbers. If you would like to get more than one booth, please provide three preferred spots for the total group of booths. For example, if you want 4 booths, choose three groups of 4. Something like 110-113, 230-233, & 720-723. If you have only registered for one booth but want to group more than one together, we will work through how you can modify your registration accordingly.

Traffic flow is expected to be from the entrance at the bottom of the map through the Exhibit Hall to the Technical Sessions out the entrance at the top and right of the map.

We won’t be able to let you know right away where you will be. We are working to accommodate everyone based on total number of booths and order of registration. You should land in one of your three preferred spots or very close to them. We will do our best. This will be a little bit more complex than in the past, but we will certainly try and accommodate everyone.

Please send your response directly to the Exhibits Team, Bryson Agnew, at [email protected], and Christy Perdue, at [email protected].

Contact Bryson Agnew (225-636-1890) or Christy Perdue (205-714-1556) with any questions.