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Job Title: Water Reclamation Facility Manager – Jefferson County

Salary Range: $63,835.20 – $99,028.80

Summary: The Jefferson County Environmental Services Department (JCESD) is an award-winning water resource recovery agency that collects and treats wastewater for the Birmingham, Alabama metropolitan area. The JCESD serves a customer base of approximately 600,000 residents within a 443 square mile service area. JCSED is committed to protecting the environment and providing our customers high-quality, effective and efficient wastewater services.

The new Water Reclamation Facility Manager will lead plant personnel and coordinate day-to-day operations at the WRF facility; assuring the facility remains in compliance with state and federal effluent limits, and staff and facilities are operated in an efficient manner. The new Water Reclamation Facility Manager will review data collected by each shift; make process control changes in treatment as necessary; inspect the plant daily to monitor equipment and employees; and direct the work of the plant supervisor, shift supervisors, and maintenance crews.

The new Water Reclamation Facility Manager will record flows, process changes, effluent quality, and other necessary operational data from the plant; compute the amount of sludge and sewage treated; prepare required reports for the state; develop and monitor facility budgets; assign tasks and issue work orders for mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation maintenance and upgrades; plan and incorporate changes in procedures and techniques to comply with new or revised state and federal regulatory limits; incorporate new technologies available for treatment into plant operations; coordinate plans for future expansions; and other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:
• Driver’s license;
• An active Wastewater Class IV ADEM Certification;
• Experience supervising, training, assigning, and reviewing the performance of subordinates in a wastewater setting; and
• Experience managing or assisting in managing a Class III or Class IV wastewater treatment facility to include various activities (i.e., certifying or verifying the accuracy of regulatory reports, preparing and managing a budget, setting control parameters for treatment processes, developing standard operating procedures, making purchasing decisions, developing maintenance plans and being responsible for meeting NPDES permit requirements).
Preferred Qualifications:
• Experience preparing and managing a departmental budget; and
• Experience making purchasing decisions.
Application Deadline: July 21, 2019
To apply:
Questions: Call (205) 325-5249 or email

Job Title: Water Reclamation Facility Operator II – Jefferson County

Summary: Work involves the collection and testing of wastewater samples which requires a basic knowledge of chemistry, biology and analytical procedures, and the ability to interpret the results of these tests. Work also involves operating, monitoring and performing preventive maintenance of a wastewater treatment facility to ensure effluent meets local, state and federal guidelines. Employees in this class will receive some instruction and continued training. Work is prescribed by standard methods and is reviewed by a Supervisor.
Minimum Qualifications:
• Driver’s license.
• Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) Grade II Wastewater Certification.
**WRF Operator II is currently open continuously, however, the position can close at any time.**
To apply:
Questions: Call (205) 325-5249 or email

Job Title: Water Reclamation Facility Operator III – Jefferson County

Typical Job Duties:
• Conducts preventative maintenance techniques on WWTP operating equipment to ensure proper and safe plant operations.
• Maintains plant equipment by replacing, rotating and cleaning clarifiers, presses, belts, pits, pumps, basins, UV module, sand filter system, etc.
• Collects samples, conducts field and lab tests, performs laboratory tests, records calculations and test results and transposes results into monthly operating reports for submission.
• Performs detailed inspections of the wastewater flow and the operating equipment and make necessary adjustments to ensure proper functioning.
• Regulates plant processes depending on various settings, flow movement and other variables.
• Gathers information from plant equipment and gauges, records readings and reports any malfunctions.
• Maintains plant grounds by cleaning floors, walkways, buildings, removing trash and debris and performing repairs as necessary.
Minimum Qualifications:
• Driver’s license.
• Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) Grade III Wastewater Certification.
**WRF Operator III is currently open continuously, however, the position can close at any time.**
To apply:
Questions: Call (205) 325-5249 or email

Job Title: Sewer Maintenance Superintendent – Jefferson County

Salary Range: $60,798.40 – $94,307.20

Summary: Supervises employees engaged in sewer construction and maintenance by interviewing, making hiring recommendations, planning and assigning work, and reviewing and evaluating performance. Coordinates and oversees field work relating to planning, constructing and maintenance of residential and commercial sewer lines, pump stations and treatment plants. Performs administrative duties such as collecting and reviewing information, writing reports and researching equipment in order to maintain compliance with federal, state and county guidelines. Participates in the development and management of the Sanitary Sewer Department’s operating budget. Serves as liaison between department and various entities (e.g., other departments, community citizens) by communicating relevant sewer-related information and maintaining positive relationships. Ensures regular and routine maintenance of equipment and sanitary sewer facilities through inspections and communication with the maintenance department.
Minimum Qualifications:
• Valid Driver’s License.
• Grade IC Wastewater Collection System Certification from Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM).
• Experience supervising field personnel in construction and/or maintenance of sanitary sewer collection systems.
• Experience preparing field reports of daily activities for documentation purposes.
• Experience developing and monitoring a departmental or division-level budget (e.g., calculating overtime pay, purchasing/replacing equipment, identifying personnel needs).
• Experience reading/interpreting sanitary sewer plans and specifications, inspecting sewer lines to identify defects and determine appropriate maintenance methods, and resolving complaints from various individuals (e.g., property owner, contractors) regarding sanitary sewer issues.
• Experience working with GIS mapping software (e.g., Esri ArcGIS, etc.).
Application Deadline: July 23, 2019
To apply:
Questions: Call (205) 325-5249 or email

Job Title: Utility Engineer for Development – City of Auburn

This position is responsible for performing engineering related to development in the City of Auburn, for ensuring that water and wastewater infrastructure is constructed in compliance with all relevant regulations, and for ensuring that all water and wastewater infrastructure is properly mapped in the City’s GIS database.

  • Performs and coordinates development reviews. (40%)
    • Coordinates review of submitted water, sanitary sewer, and erosion control plans and revisions.
    • Coordinates with engineers, developers, and contractors regarding City of Auburn and Water Resource Management design regulations and construction standards.
    • Compiles and submits department comments.
    • Reviews sewers capacity and fire flow analyses.
    • Reviews submittals for developments.
    • Uses City of Auburn software (e.g. CityWorks) for reviewing, monitoring, and approving plans as required.
    • Reviews and coordinates inspections related to as-builts for completed developments.
    • Provides confirmation of preliminary and final acceptance of water and sewer infrastructure.
  • Assists with the Utility Asset Mapping Program. (15%)
    • Imports, edits, and maintains the GIS database for water and sanitary sewer.
    • Assists in coordinating the surveying tasks needed to assist the Utility Asset Mapping Program.
    • Coordinates with other department personnel to obtain missing information and new infrastructure data.
    • Coordinates the addition of infrastructure for new developments into the GIS database.
  • Acts as WRM representative for Development Coordination and Planning Department reviews. (10%)
    • Attends meetings with other departments and with developers and engineers regarding future developments.
    • Reviews all submitted plans, easement agreements, lot layouts, etc.
    • Serves as liaison to the Planning Commission.
    • Provides information to developers regarding existing water and sewer infrastructure, water and wastewater design requirements, and erosion and sediment control regulations.
  • Serves as WRM representative for COA Development Reviews. (10%)
    • Works with other departments to coordinate water, sewer, or watershed related work items.
    • Works with other departments in the development of WRM property.
    • Prepares cost estimates for projects.
  • Assists the WRM Department with water and wastewater infrastructure projects. (10%)
    • Performs engineering design calculations and analyses for infrastructure expansion projects.
    • Designs and prepares engineering plans and specifications.
    • Assists with coordinating project bidding and contracts for WRM projects.
    • Uses engineering judgment to determine the most suitable, economical, and appropriate routes for water and wastewater infrastructure expansions.
    • Prepares reports and performs analyses of water and wastewater system needs and plans.
    • Manages contractor performances; conducts on-site meetings and weekly inspections.
    • Performs project management for water and wastewater construction and rehabilitation projects.
    • Evaluates field changes for construction and negotiates change orders.
    • Documents, reviews, and approves all project communication, payments requests, and inspections.
  • Obtains easements and Hold Harmless agreements. (5%)
    • Generates easement agreements and documents and Hold Harmless agreements.
    • Coordinates with property owners or developers to obtain agreements.
    • Submits agreements to City Council or Water Works Board for approval.
    • Coordinates the recording of documents.
  • Performs related duties. (10%)
    • Demonstrates punctual, regular, and reliable attendance.
    • Attends meetings, workshops, and training sessions.
    • Provides innovative solutions to enhance current processes and procedures and/or resolve workplace issues.
    • Performs other duties as assigned.
City of Auburn, Alabama
130 Tichenor Avenue
Auburn AL 36830
(334) 501-7240

Job Title: Senior Civil Engineer – Jefferson County Commission

Job Title: Senior Civil Engineer

Job Summary
Work involves applying professional civil engineering techniques in designing, and/or approving construction plans, designs maintenance construction to assure safe and efficient use of all government and residential structures and facilities.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Must possess a valid driver’s license.
  • Must possess a Professional Engineering License from the state of Alabama or from a state that has reciprocity with Alabama.
  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree or higher in Civil Engineering or a closely related engineering field (e.g., Structural, Environmental, etc.).
  • Must have work experience assessing civil infrastructure and preparing and providing plans or recommendations for rehabilitation or replacement.
  • Must have work experience preparing construction cost estimates.
  • Must have work experience presenting engineering infrastructure recommendations/findings to a variety of audiences including public officials, third party consultants, etc.
  • Must have work experience preparing and reading engineering plans.
  • Must have work experience managing civil infrastructure projects.

Salary: $63,835.20 – $99,028.80

To apply:

Questions: Call (205) 325-5249 or email